Freakzilla: FAQ

  1. When will your site be open?

It is open, right now.

2. No, I mean, when will I be able to access your site?

You mean like you're doing right now?

3. Err.... yeah, uh, when will you put some content on your site?

There already is some! Yey! Rejoice! Or else!

4. What kinda content will you put on your site?

Probably more weird and twisted stuff.

5. Hey! Did you know your site was mentioned on Newsradio??????????????????

No way, you're kidding!!!

6. Can you please explain the meaning of the word "sarcasm" by providing an example?

See previous question.

7. Why is the FAQ a CGI?

It isn't any more.

8. Are you a 1337 h4x0r???


9. I am a corporate lawyer and I intend to sue you for violating our copyrights. Die, Evil Copyright Infringator, die!!!

How about asking me to acknowledge your copyright? It's probably an oversight.

10. I am humor-impaired and don't think you're funny.

Then how come you're laughing so hard milk's coming out of your nose?

11. I am an easily impressionable teenager. I am going to kill myself/get a cat/eat a banana and blame your site!

No. For God's sake. Please don't. Oh. The Humanity.

12. I am The Pope, and I am enraged by your blasphemous use of The Lord's name in Vain in the previous question

Hey, I'm just a Regular Person, and I'm enraged that you guys have the Ark of the Covenant hidden in the Vatican. Also I've heard you have the world's largest porn collection in there somewhere.

*sigh* Ok, ok. I can't lie to the pope anymore. The truth is... I'm just really jealous of your cool hat. There, happy now?

13. Hey! Shouldn't the Humor-Impaired guy have gone first?

Yeah, so?

14. Who are you? What do you want?