“More Power To Ya”

Yoga Pose #8: Warrior One

“You Remind Me Of A Young Me”

Yoga Pose #9: Warrior Two

“I’m Just That Cool”


(got called in for a work emergency so I didn’t have time to change the background)

“Change You Can Believe In”

Bonus Faux-Artsy version!

Yoga Pose #10: Dolphin


Yoga Pose #11: Goddess


“Lightning Ball”

Obvious Title Withheld

Yoga Pose #12: Cow Face

Yoga Pose #13: Plank

Not the droid I was looking for

Difficult Task

Yoga Pose #15: Bridge

Yoga Pose #16: Dancer

Bad Medicine

Yoga Pose #17: Airplane

Oh Mr. Fuzzy, How I Love You.

Everybody Loves Lasers


Yoga Pose #18

We’re not sure what this one’s called. It’s some kind of “Plank”. I got it off a magazine cover. K thinks it’s “Extended Side Plank” but she’s not sure.

Why not

You Spin Me Right Round Baby

Here I Am

This was way harder to do than it should have been. I thought having to make clowns would be the hard part, but it took me forEVER to find card decks with real jokers!

One of these things is not like the others

But it sure looks almost exactly the same!

Leaning Towards The Obvious