“Easy, boy.”

“Now FLY!”

“Nothing To See Here…”


“So… you come here often?”

“Hot Date”

“Finger On The Button”

Valentine’s Day Meta Joke

Serious Portrait

I really need a colour calibrator.

Mystery Box

Yoga Pose #4: King Pigeon


“Tea Cup”

“Socket To Me”

Yoga Pose #6: Upward Facing Dog

We did Downward Facing Dog exactly one month ago!

“More Power To Ya”

“I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords”

Thanks to my handy girlfriend.

“I’m Just That Cool”

“Change You Can Believe In”

Bonus Faux-Artsy version!

Yoga Pose #10: Dolphin


My Bleeding Heart

Yoga Pose #17: Airplane

Thistle Me This

See, THIS is a pun.