“Home Office”


Yoga Pose #4: King Pigeon


“Eat Your Heart Out, Quetzalcoatl”

“Tea Cup”

“Mind The Gap”

Yoga Pose #5: Frog

“Standing Ovation”

“Trunk Me”

“Socket To Me”

Yoga Pose #6: Upward Facing Dog

We did Downward Facing Dog exactly one month ago!

“I have a slight headache.”

“Hammer Time”

Not super happy with this one.

“I’m Seeing Double!”

“Monkey Business II”

Alternate version under cut.

Yoga Pose #7: Camel


I’m not sure what that thing is, but it kept getting in the way.

“Cat Toy”

“Out Of Bounds”

“Swamp Thing”

“More Power To Ya”

Yoga Pose #8: Warrior One

“Setting Goals”

He’s in there. If you can’t find him, there’s a circle after the cut.

“Cat Ride”

“You Remind Me Of A Young Me”

“I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords”

Thanks to my handy girlfriend.

“Leaf Me Alone”

This image was post-processed into prettiness by Rain, who might’ve reconsidered if she’d known that I was going to use that title.

Yoga Pose #9: Warrior Two

“I’m Just That Cool”