What Is The Meaning Of Fair Agreement

Although a true and just vision is annoyingly clumsy, I would be careful when it comes to getting involved. … to the extent that these statements synthesize legal issues, agreements, documents or procedures, accurate and fair summaries of these legal issues, such agreements, documents or procedures. If we do not reach a fair agreement from Congress, either the government will close on February 15, or I will use the powers I have, in accordance with the laws and the Constitution of the United States, to deal with this emergency, we will have great security. But we must be looking for a fair art, as in accounting, a true and just vision: if, after decades of abuse, we do not reach a fair agreement for the United States, Canada will be outside. The numerical value of a fair agreement in Chaldean numerology is: 7 It is often true that Fair is associated with another adjective. I suggest that if it works fairly in the examples above, you can definitely eliminate his companion. In particular, I propose that, in this context, a subset of reasonableness is fair. The administrator will act fairly and reasonably by spreading the investment and trading opportunities on the account and each reference account. … the securities to be resolved are not selected more than 60 days before the date of the cashing of the outstanding securities of this series, the terms of which have not been previously invited to be withdrawn … by the agent by a method that the agent deems fair and appropriate…. The parties recognize, assure and assure that the parties and their counsel were involved in the development of this agreement and in each of the provisions of this agreement, that the agreement as a whole must be interpreted in its proper sense.

Mass, adj. (12c) 1. impartiality; Only; just; . 2. Without bias or prejudice . The initial financial statements (if any) provide a real and fair overview of the consolidated financial situation and activity at the end and for the year in question, as well as the group`s profit for that year.

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