What Agreements Were Reached At The 1973 Paris Peace Accords

We went into President Thieu`s office, and Kissinger made a presentation on why it was in Southern Vietnam`s interest to accept the agreement and that we support them. In the event of an offence, President Nixon would react strongly. Thieu could count on us to enforce the agreement. We said we would resume bombing if the North Vietnams attacked in violation of the agreement. We said that we would provide full diplomatic support to South Vietnam, as well as military and economic assistance. We said that we were working on the Chinese and the Russians to isolate Hanoi and try to push them to stop, if possible, aid to the North Vietnams, and that was clearly our intention. There was also the full dimension of aid, where we agreed with the North Vietnams that we would help them rebuild their country. According to the President`s historian Robert Dallek, Kissinger`s advice “was not based on a particular knowledge of decision-making in the White House, but on an intelligent view of what was going on.” CIA intelligence analyst William Bundy said Kissinger had received “no useful inside information” from his trip to Paris and that “almost all experienced observers in Hanoi were able to come to the same conclusion.” While Kissinger “may have hinted that his advice was based on contacts with the Paris delegation”, this kind of “self-promotion… In the worst case, it is a minor and non-unusual practice, which is very different from having real secrets and reporting them. [7] When President Thieu first heard our presentation, he did not react. All he did was listen to it.

We had no reason to be pessimistic after the first meeting…. Every time the next meeting took place, we blew themselves up. Thieu was very upset by the agreement, almost everywhere. Especially because of the continued presence of North Vietnamese troops. In the hours and days leading up to their release, the prisoners imagined their future lives. Alvarez dreamed of a “return to a normal life” where “we would make our own decisions and set our own agendas.” Waiting for daily activities — getting in a car and off a highway or riding in a haystack — filled it with “sparkling anticipation.” I would get up whenever I wanted, make my own selection of clothes, eat whatever I wanted, and go wherever I wanted. We have had to appeal to the Saigon government in recent days with the revised text. We sent Al Haig to Saigon. There have been at least a few letters from President Nixon to Nguyen van Thieu, President of the Republic of Vietnam. These letters were very hard and at the same time very reassuring. I did the basic project, as usual, with Kissinger`s management and Nixon`s agreement. The provisions of the agreement were immediately and often violated by North and South Vietnamese forces without an official response from the United States.

The North Vietnamese have accused the United States of carrying out bombings in northern Vietnam during this period. In March 1973, open fighting broke out and North Vietnamese crimes extended their control until the end of the year. Two years later, a massive North Vietnamese offensive seized South Vietnam on April 30, 1975, after which the two countries separated since 1954 met on July 2, 1976 as Vietnam. [3] A similar debate focused on the shape of the table to be used at the conference. The North supported a roundtable where all parties, including NLF representatives, appear to be “equal” in importance.

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