Sample Asset Purchase Agreement California

If the seller works for the buyer after the sale and has received some kind of salary, this is taxed as a normal income and described in an employment contract or a separate consulting contract. The purchaser of the asset (s) concerned (s) must also give physical consent to the terms of this document, by bearing his signature on the “Buyer`s Signature” line and by providing the “Date” signature on the blank line of the “Buyer” section at the end of this document. The buyer should have reviewed the entire document once it is finalized and accept its contents. The signing of the “Buyer`s Signature” line obliges the buyer to comply with these conditions, while the “date” indicates the delivery date of this authorization. In addition to the signature and signature date, the buyer must print his name on the empty line called the “print name.” The next task is to identify the buyer or buyer. This is the party that provides a predetermined payment for the assets or assets involved. Write down the buyer`s name immediately after the word “buyer,” then the building number, street or street, and the number of the suite in the […] Buyer`s mailing address in the nearest available area. Note that this report indicates the buyer`s official name, therefore, if the buyer concerned is a commercial entity, make sure that you present your legal name, including terms of status such as “Corporation,” “Corp.” or “LLC,” for the equipment. Complete this article by specifying the buyer`s postal address and the state in which it is located in the last two lines of the “Buyer” section.

If the buyer`s payment is not fully paid and requires “property financing,” select the second cot box in the “VII.” Payment section. After selecting this option, you will continue with this statement to give some details on the financing terms. Article “A.) Look for the down payment (At the close)” then note all the money paid to the seller on the day of closing, on the empty line indicating the dollar symbol. Article “B.) “Interest rate” must be provided with the percentage of the principal willing to pay for compensation for obtaining the assets or assets.

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