(Originally posted Jan 2nd 2010)

“Ready for my Exam”

(Originally taken Jan 8th 2010)

“In Too Deep”

(Originally taken Jan 10th 2010)

“Special Delivery”

(Originally taken Jan 11th 2010)

“Shower Time”

(Taken on Jan 13 2010)

“Time for Reflection”

“People Watching”

Taken Jan 16th 2010

“Insert Tarzan Sound Here”

“Say Cheese!”




“‘Extra’, eh?”

“Should’ve Brought A Magazine”

“Ride Like The WIND!”

“Light My Fire”


“Cut Short”

“Sock It To Me”

This is what happens when I’m sick.


Originally taken March 6th, 2010.

“Unhand Me”

I’ll get back to being creative one of these days…

“Buttoned Up”

“I’m Hooked”


Taken on March 22nd. Posted late due to migraine.


“Just In Case”

I didn’t know if I’d have time to take a photo tonight, so I took this one just in case. Less moire in the fullsize.