“In Too Deep”

(Originally taken Jan 10th 2010)

“Time for Reflection”

“Should’ve Brought A Magazine”

“Triceratops Power!”

“Ride Like The WIND!”

“Trunk Me”

This is what happens when I’m sick.

Yeah, I’m still sick.

“Hammer Time”

Not super happy with this one.

“Unhand Me”

I’ll get back to being creative one of these days…


Taken on March 22nd. Posted late due to migraine.


I Went To a Concert Tonight And All I Got Was This Lame Photo

Fenced In

(Not) Too Bright


I got nothing but bad shots today.

Don’t Box Me In

Worst Watch Ever

No, I didn’t.

I swear I still have good ideas


Ok obviously it’s not charging. I didn’t have the tie to rig it to look like it was!

No Kid Gloves

Obvious rush-job. I was falling asleep at 8:30pm. And yeah now I’m up at 4:00am… would be fine had I actually SLEPT till now.

I sure need this after moving all those rocks

Blister packs… my old arch enemy…

Took this with my phone while stuck working, which is why the quality is meh at best.

I’m not sure what I was going for here


I’m a bit disappointed with this one. I spent a couple of months growing crystals on this guy and they didn’t even turn out shiny!

Blinded By The Light