“Trunk Me”

“Socket To Me”

This is what happens when I’m sick.

Yeah, I’m still sick.


Originally taken March 6th, 2010.

Yoga Pose #6: Upward Facing Dog

We did Downward Facing Dog exactly one month ago!

“I have a slight headache.”

“Hammer Time”

Not super happy with this one.

“Unhand Me”

I’ll get back to being creative one of these days…

“I’m Seeing Double!”

“Monkey Business II”

Alternate version under cut.

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“Buttoned Up”

Yoga Pose #7: Camel


I’m not sure what that thing is, but it kept getting in the way.

“Cat Toy”

“Out Of Bounds”

“Swamp Thing”

“I’m Hooked”

“More Power To Ya”

Yoga Pose #8: Warrior One


Taken on March 22nd. Posted late due to migraine.

“Setting Goals”

He’s in there. If you can’t find him, there’s a circle after the cut.

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“Cat Ride”

“You Remind Me Of A Young Me”

“I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords”

Thanks to my handy girlfriend.

“Leaf Me Alone”

This image was post-processed into prettiness by Rain, who might’ve reconsidered if she’d known that I was going to use that title.

Yoga Pose #9: Warrior Two

“I’m Just That Cool”


(got called in for a work emergency so I didn’t have time to change the background)