Yoga Pose #1: Butterfly Pose



“Hot Date”

“Finger On The Button”


“‘Extra’, eh?”

Yoga Pose #2: Downward Facing Dog

“Should’ve Brought A Magazine”

“Remember me, bitches?!??”

“How did THIS happen???”

“Triceratops Power!”

“Ride Like The WIND!”

“Light My Fire”

Valentine’s Day Meta Joke

Yoga Pose #3: Pigeon


Serious Portrait

I really need a colour calibrator.

Mystery Box

“Home Office”


Yoga Pose #4: King Pigeon


“Eat Your Heart Out, Quetzalcoatl”

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“Cut Short”

“Tea Cup”

“Sock It To Me”

“Mind The Gap”

Yoga Pose #5: Frog

“Standing Ovation”