WTF? aka FAQ

Q: What the hell?

A: Ok, I’ve been saying for a long time that “next year I’ll do the thing where I take a photo of myself every day”. As 2010 approached, I decided, once again, that this year I’m really going to do it. And I meant it this time!

Q: What are you talking about? Those aren’t pictures of you!

A: I know. On December 31st I decided that picture of me would be boring, so I decided to get an action figure and take pictures of that. I figured I’d get a knight action figure for this.

Q: Dude, that’s not a knight.

A: I know! I kinda left the actual buying of the action figure till the last moment. Or rather, past it, to somewhat late in the evening of January 1st. Target only had a few knights and they were totally static.

Q: Why did you even bother mentioning the whole knight thing?

A: Because I came up with a really cool name for him: Sir Miles Stone.

Q: That’s not really funny.

A: That’s not really a question.

Q: Ok fine. So who is this action figure?

A: It’s Colonel Badass from the movie Avatar. I know, looks nothing like him.

Q: What’s with all the yoga poses? You must be a yoga expert!

A: Yoga poses are provided by my girlfriend. She also manipulates the action figure into them.

Q: What camera/cameras are you using, and why?

A: Well, so far I’ve used the built-in webcam on my laptop, the even crappier camera on my cellphone, the slightly less crappy camera on my new cellphone, an Olympus u770SW (which is waterproof and freezeproof) a Panasonic Lumix TS2 (which is even MORE waterproof and freezeproof) and a Canon 50D.

Q: And you’re really going to try and take a new photo of him every day for a whole friggin year?

A: Uh huh.

Q: Well, good luck with that!

A: Thanks!

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