I had that shot in mind as the last shot since January… and I can’t decide if that’s sad or cool.

Since the last 6 photos actually had to end at a specific point, I made a storyboard for them:

And now I’m DONE!

I can’t believe I actually did this. For an entire year. At least one photo a day (there are 384 images, I should change the title of the blog).

I’d like to think I gained some useful experience from doing this blog. I learned a bit more about photography (duh), I learned how to make fake landscapes (badly). I learned how hard it is to get a TARDIS in the US. And I learned how to make fake laser/light sabers. I did get a… rather large amount of toys/props. I also used this project as an excuse to get a light-tent (which I kinda regret, I should’ve just made one) and a Wacom tablet (which I looooove)

I’m still probably going to occasionally take photos of this guy, but it’ll be more a Photo-of-the-Whenever. Definitely take him with when we go travelling. I sincerely hope he makes it to San Francisco next year (: I also have a series I never did because it’d probably end up being pretty crappy if I only had one day for each shot.

If this was a movie, the “THE END” thing would have a stupid question mark next to it.

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