Furnace -or- My Isn’t It Hot In Here

Blister packs… my old arch enemy…

Took this with my phone while stuck working, which is why the quality is meh at best.

We’ll call this the “Before” picture

…and I don’t really know what “after” will look like.

Sadly, this is the “After”

Can’t win ’em all. K says that he was still on the ledge when she went out, so an hour or so before I checked. She actually couldn’t see him since he was completely covered with snow. But somehow between then and when I went to look, someone or something knocked just THAT bit […]

Iced In

Just A Little Bowl of Broccoli

I’m not sure what I was going for here

This better be the last doctor’s office one


Oh fruity white tea infusion, I love you THIS much!

This time I glued him on

This was going to be “Before”:

Sadly, even though we got an insane amount of snow, it was accompanied by a lot of wind, so he didn’t actually get covered at all. Plus then I accidentally pushed him off.

So here’s a bonus unfocused picture from later when I was trying to walk […]

Rodent Infestation

Everyone do the Pen Dance

I should get a job as a sundial.




I’m a bit disappointed with this one. I spent a couple of months growing crystals on this guy and they didn’t even turn out shiny!

Oh great, undead bratz.

Cause they weren’t creepy enough before.

Blinded By The Light

Ok, this just isn’t working.

Leaning Towards The Obvious

It’s The Most Sparkliest Time Of The Year


King of the Hill

Disco Inferno

Yes, in my mind that’s what disco is like.

This is another shot I’ve been planning for ages. It’s the excuse I used for getting a violet laser. In like, March. Oh, no SFX.

Lets finish this




Almost there…