This might take a while…

Getting there

Cats keep moving the camera

Starting to take shape

Ta da!!!




I sure need this after moving all those rocks

Stark Reflection

Another one where I couldn’t decide so there’s two pics of the day.

I couldn’t choose between that one, and this much busier one.

My Magnificent Octopus

He’s just big boned

Call the police! Or H.P. Lovecraft!

Here we go again!

Studio Time

You call this fog???

Key Issues

Rock Quarry

Yup, nothing beats a nice stroll in the ol’ rock quarry. Nothing EVER goes wrong in a rock quarry!

Uh oh

Of all the rock quarries in all the worlds, I had to take a stroll in this one…

Near Miss

This would have been so much better with sound-effects.


Yes, the indigenous life-forms of BBC Rock Quarries.

(Also better with sound-effects)


There, now we have the whole ecosystem.

Better with sound-effects. Sad thing is that thing actually does sound effects…

Exit Stage Left

Yeah, for the record, I’ve been planning this series for ages. It took forever to get some daleks, then forever again to get a TARDIS… and then I had to make the rock quarry which took a lot longer than I thought.

Anyway, here’s a behind the scenes look at the whole thing. […]

How’s about a big ol’ mug of HAPPY

Slow Snow

I left him out there for 15 minutes, and it had to be the 15 minutes when the snow stopped being really fluffy and sticky.


I’m thankful I have a girlfriend who brings me flowers (:

Bean Bag

You know you want one.

Black Light

Black Light Switch

So which one of these is ME?


There was supposed to be a cat in today’s photo, but he was not cooperating.