“Change You Can Believe In”

Bonus Faux-Artsy version!



Yoga Pose #10: Dolphin


“Just In Case”

I didn’t know if I’d have time to take a photo tonight, so I took this one just in case. Less moire in the fullsize.


Here’s a Behind The Scenes look. For reference sake, this is one where I DON’T think I was overdoing it.


“Sittin’ On A Tree”

He’s in there somewhere.


“Dressing Room”

Yoga Pose #11: Goddess


“Lightning Ball”

“I’m Outta Here”

“Pole Dancing”

“Fuzzy Blue Feeling”


“Phone Call”

I Went To a Concert Tonight And All I Got Was This Lame Photo

“What’s The Dealership”

Happy Earth Day!

Obvious Title Withheld

Too Bright!

Yoga Pose #12: Cow Face


This was at a volunteer event for Feed My Starving Children. Each of these bags can feed six children with a nutritious, uh, stew. It’s mostly rice, with vegetables, soy and chicken.

Not that this will EVER come up, but I sanitised the HELL out of the action figure and my camera before […]



Lets try “Swordfish”