(Originally posted Jan 2nd 2010)

“Out Of The Doghouse”

(Originally taken on Jan 3rd 2010)


(Originally taken Jan 4th 2010)

“Man Down”

(Originally taken Jan 5th 2010)

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“Ride the Lightning”

(Originally taken Jan 6th 2010)

“She’s Late”

(Originally taken Jan 7th 2010)

“Ready for my Exam”

(Originally taken Jan 8th 2010)

“Ice Ice Baby”

(Originally taken Jan 9th 2010)

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“In Too Deep”

(Originally taken Jan 10th 2010)

“Special Delivery”

(Originally taken Jan 11th 2010)

“I’d Like To Propose A Toast”

(Originally taken Jan 12th 2010)

“Shower Time”

(Taken on Jan 13 2010)


“Time for Reflection”

“People Watching”

Taken Jan 16th 2010

“Insert Tarzan Sound Here”

“Easy, boy.”

“Now FLY!”

“Lets Make Some Friends”

“Stay For Dinner”

“I Shouldn’t Have Eaten All That Pie”

“Must… lose… 5… pounds!”

“Say Cheese!”

“Nothing To See Here…”

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“Monkey Business”

(Alternate title: “Get Your Stinkin’ Paws Off Me”)

“So… you come here often?”

“Ok, everyone just be cool”


“Ice Shelf”