This lady is an appropriately named Black and Yellow Garden Spider. I think I found one outside the front door about this time last year. This year she’s inside the screen door. I think they like the ivy.

I know this is a female since the males are significantly smaller (less than a centimeter, […]

There, that’s better

Mr. Dragonfly was still there this morning, so I went back with the ISO not turned up to Insane.

I was hoping to get natural light pictures, but sadly there’s a reasonable breeze so I still had to use the flash. But hey.

Here’s a close-up. And people think Michelle Bachmann has […]

Osprey Nest

I took this a few weeks ago. We saw the nest while biking through a trail through what used to be an ammunition plant. It’s right by where they’re planning on building the new Vikings stadium, thereby destroying all the nature bits.

The area is all sealed off and I’m not really into […]


In honour of World Turtle Day, and because I luckily stumbled on him while walking the dog, here is a photo of a painted turtle:

I know that doesn’t look very painted, but this is what they look like from the bottom:

There are tons of these guys at the park we walk […]


While taking the swan pics I posted earlier (as in, 30 seconds ago) I got this nice shot of lens flare a red-winged blackbird, which is one of my favourite birds.

Swan Song

I’ve been seeing these swans around here for a while now. Never when I have the camera, naturally. One time I rushed home and got the camera but by the time I got back, they were gone. Apparently they can fly away or something. I was starting to think that maybe I was imagining them.



Not fantastic pics, but I’ve never seen a kestrel in the wild before.

Or maybe I have, they’re kind of tiny. I actually thought this might be a baby red-tail hawk till I looked at the pictures at home.

Another one in the Couldn’t Decide Which I Like Better So I’m Posting Both series. […]

Well this is a new one

I just went to let the dog out before bed, and found this guy on the screen door.

I was wondering how he got there and then he did this:

Which makes him evidently a tree frog.

I let him climb on my hand and put him outside.

I just realised […]

Mini Snapper

I found a tiny baby snapping turtle today. Ok, the dog found it, but hey.

Just to show how small it was, here it is in my hand.