Osprey Nest

I took this a few weeks ago. We saw the nest while biking through a trail through what used to be an ammunition plant. It’s right by where they’re planning on building the new Vikings stadium, thereby destroying all the nature bits.

The area is all sealed off and I’m not really into […]


We had a crazy amount of snow this past winter (yes, past winter. I insist!). This is after several years of hardly any rain or snow. Enough that all the lakes got really low and kind of disgusting.

The lake where I walk the dog has a water level meter thinggie. This is a […]


There comes a time when every avid outdoors photographer has to ask themselves the question “Is something crawling up my leg?”

Raptor Center

We visited the University of Minnesota Raptor Center today. The raptor center is a combination vet/education center for and about raptors. They take in wounded raptors form all over the country and do their best to heal them, and then release them back into the wild.

Some birds, while healed, can’t be released back into […]