There, that’s better

Mr. Dragonfly was still there this morning, so I went back with the ISO not turned up to Insane.

I was hoping to get natural light pictures, but sadly there’s a reasonable breeze so I still had to use the flash. But hey.

Here’s a close-up. And people think Michelle Bachmann has […]

Night Dragon

I noticed this dragonfly sleeping outside while letting the dogs out for Last Call.

I spent an hour taking pictures of it, all the while forgetting that I set the ISO to A ZILLION to help me focus. So these are all a LOT noisier than they need to be. Oh well. This one’s […]

Woodpecker on Pole

I love Pleated Woodpeckers. I want them to come over and let me pat them.


I saw one of these spiders a few years ago – it made a web in my driveway that was several feet across and I almost walked into it.

They’re actually quite skittish and tend to run away from people. This is a feature I appreciate in spiders.

Anyway, I found this one […]

Common Grackle

I had a flock of about a hundred of these marauding around the yard a few weeks back. They came back this weekend and I managed to get a nice shot of one of them.



Guess Who would like to be outside, too.

I Can See My House From Here


This is all growing in a maple tree in my yard. Here’s a photo of where this all is on the tree.

I was hoping for a sunny day, but I didn’t think the mushrooms would survive for very long.

And yeah, I used the same location for POTD while I was […]

Dragonfly Face