This lady is an appropriately named Black and Yellow Garden Spider. I think I found one outside the front door about this time last year. This year she’s inside the screen door. I think they like the ivy.

I know this is a female since the males are significantly smaller (less than a centimeter, […]


I started about 40 tomato plants in a mini-greenhouse in my basement.

This one is a Black Cherry.

I didn’t even have a treat.

I swear, he’s a super friendly cat.

Duncan almost always looks angry and/or grumpy in photos. In real life he usually looks goofy/curious/drooly.

This is NOT a lolcat post

Duncan on Cabinet

I honestly think Duncan photographs way better in black and white, but then you don’t get to see his orange eyes.

Well this is a new one

I just went to let the dog out before bed, and found this guy on the screen door.

I was wondering how he got there and then he did this:

Which makes him evidently a tree frog.

I let him climb on my hand and put him outside.

I just realised […]