I know I already have a pretty nice picture of this one flower here, but hey, I like it.

So here’s a few more I got today.


I started about 40 tomato plants in a mini-greenhouse in my basement.

This one is a Black Cherry.

Autumn Colours


I found this dry piece of grape vine on the ground at the park. It had tangled up a small piece of wood and I just thought it looked really cool. So I brought it home and took pictures of it.

Flower Bug

Golden Finch on a Thistle


I just kind of liked how it kinda looks like a star.


Flower Child


This is all growing in a maple tree in my yard. Here’s a photo of where this all is on the tree.

I was hoping for a sunny day, but I didn’t think the mushrooms would survive for very long.

And yeah, I used the same location for POTD while I was […]