Gigi’s Birthday

I had a different photo planned for Gigi’s 9th birthday, but sadly we had no sun that day. So I snapped this on my phone.

I tried taking the original Gigi’s Birthday photo today but somehow managed to shoot a ton of out of focus pictures. Mrrrrrrrrr. I’m blaming the insane wind.


I didn’t even have a treat.

Snow Dog

Here are some photos of Gigi enjoying some fresh snow.


Dashing through the snow

I kinda cheated on this one but hey.

Flower Child


Guess Who would like to be outside, too.

Clear Water

Asleep In Front Of The TV

Happy 8th Birthday, Gigi.

Everybody Loves Sofa

We just all use it differently.

I’m Stumped (yeah I know)

Pine Cone

Canon 50D, 200mm, f/5.0 1/100 sec, ISO 100