Frog Day Afternoon

After that whole tree frog thing, and noticing frogs all OVER the place, I decided to take the real camera with a macro lens out to the park.

Please note that any mention of frog species is speculation.

I’m a bit sad about this one because there were originally three frogs there, but […]

Green Tree Frog

Found this guy while walking the dog today.

I didn’t have the good camera and the crappy camera was having trouble telling all the greens apart, so I had him climb my hand. As you can tell, he was really really thrilled.

He didn’t like this one because it makes him look fat. […]

Well this is a new one

I just went to let the dog out before bed, and found this guy on the screen door.

I was wondering how he got there and then he did this:

Which makes him evidently a tree frog.

I let him climb on my hand and put him outside.

I just realised […]