I started about 40 tomato plants in a mini-greenhouse in my basement.

This one is a Black Cherry.

No kidding.

Woodpecker on Pole

I love Pleated Woodpeckers. I want them to come over and let me pat them.

I didn’t even have a treat.

I swear, he’s a super friendly cat.

Duncan almost always looks angry and/or grumpy in photos. In real life he usually looks goofy/curious/drooly.

This is NOT a lolcat post

Snow Dog

Here are some photos of Gigi enjoying some fresh snow.


Dashing through the snow

I kinda cheated on this one but hey.

Angry Pakora

As a vegetarian, I’m not used to my food screaming. So this was a new experience for me.

Duncan on Cabinet

I honestly think Duncan photographs way better in black and white, but then you don’t get to see his orange eyes.

Autumn Colours