I saw one of these spiders a few years ago – it made a web in my driveway that was several feet across and I almost walked into it.

They’re actually quite skittish and tend to run away from people. This is a feature I appreciate in spiders.

Anyway, I found this one right by the front door. I was hoping to get a ring-flash to get REALLY good photos, but it’s not going to get here till Monday and it’s going to rain until then and the spider might be gone, so here’s what I’ve got so far.

Spider Glamour Shot!

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  • Peter Allen

    Like your photography. Was looking at the close-ups of the spider on your site (posted 9/23/2010). Was just curious what type of camera you’re using, or how you’re able to get such a focused close-up. I have used several canons (G2, A630) and my present one is a SX30 IS (one of the better non-DSL types they offer). Most of my close-ups (using macro setting) turn out fuzzy to some degree, or only a narrow range (distance) in sharp focus with the rest blurry. I usually set on auto-focus, as the manual focus seldom turns out any better unless you take multitudes of pics while adjusting the focus. If only manual setting had more increments and all increments’ distance indicated. I always set shutter speed as fast as I can (< 1/100 sec) to eliminate movement, so know that's not the problem.

    I've concluded that this is about the best a non-DSL has to offer (least likely), or my technique sucks (most likely). Do you have any advice or some links that may help?

    Thanking you
    Peter Allen

    • Thanks for the comment! These were taken with a Canon 50d, which is a dSLR camera (I assume that’s what you meant) using a 100mm f2.8 macro lens. The camera was on a tripod, and the last one uses a flash. It also has the aperture set to f/9 which gives the bigger range of focus.

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