Another Brick in MyDef

There were so many titles I could’ve used for this post… and I went with that one.

When I was about 14 I went to the local record store (which was, by the way, tiny) and bought my first copy of The Wall. When I brought it home, my mom saw it and said “Pink […]

In My Frequency

A while ago I wrote that I plan to write some posts about music that was defining for me, and I started with this post, listing fifteen such bands and artists. I mentioned that it would be a starting point or index of sorts, and that I plan on writing a full post about each […]

I’m Not A Fan

I figured I should write this up since it’s been bouncing around in my brain for ages.

I like music a lot, and there are plenty of artists I like, appreciate, admire and love. But I really don’t consider myself a “fan”.

A whole while ago I had a ticket to go see […]


There’s a meme going around on a certain social network that shall go unmentioned right now where people are tagged to name fifteen albums in fifteen minutes.

I’m going to twist that a bit. I’ve been meaning to start writing posts about music that was defining for me – the bands where I went […]