So I got to hang out with Nellie McKay

The awesomely talented Nellie McKay1 was gracious enough to sit down with me for a while after her set at a concert the other night. We talked about animals, food, activism and Columbus Day.

I got to interact with Nellie McKay, briefly, on several occasions. She had let me take a […]


There’s a meme going around on a certain social network that shall go unmentioned right now where people are tagged to name fifteen albums in fifteen minutes.

I’m going to twist that a bit. I’ve been meaning to start writing posts about music that was defining for me – the bands where I went […]

The Who's On First

Roger Daltrey is the frontman for The Who.

Pete Townshend is the guitar player for The Who.

I’m writing this down because normally I can only keep one of their names in my head at the time and drive myself nuts trying to remember the other guy’s name.

Strangely I have no problems remembering […]