Oh geez, really?

Dear Sir Paul McCartney,

I hope you got a prenup this time.

Lame Radio Hour

I’ve decided that “Hotel California” is not a morning kind of song. Except maybe in the metaphorical “It was the dawn of my young life and I still thought songs like that were cool” kind of way.


Dear people I overheard at the community center last night:

No, Foo Fighters do not count as “Oldies”.

Thank you.

I’m Not A Fan

I figured I should write this up since it’s been bouncing around in my brain for ages.

I like music a lot, and there are plenty of artists I like, appreciate, admire and love. But I really don’t consider myself a “fan”.

A whole while ago I had a ticket to go see […]


There’s a meme going around on a certain social network that shall go unmentioned right now where people are tagged to name fifteen albums in fifteen minutes.

I’m going to twist that a bit. I’ve been meaning to start writing posts about music that was defining for me – the bands where I went […]

Meet the newest addition to our family

Yup, we got a ukulele. K has always wanted one and I’m not one to say no to getting another musical instrument.

While we were trying them out, someone at the store asked us if we play the ukulele. I said “No, why would we want to get an instrument we already know […]

The Who's On First

Roger Daltrey is the frontman for The Who.

Pete Townshend is the guitar player for The Who.

I’m writing this down because normally I can only keep one of their names in my head at the time and drive myself nuts trying to remember the other guy’s name.

Strangely I have no problems remembering […]