Hi there! Welcome to my music blog. I guess we’ll do this in FAQ format.

Q: Who are you?

A: Oh I’m just some guy.

Q: You’re not like a musician or something?

A: No. I do play various instruments to various degrees of non-suckiness, though.

Q: I knew it! Is this a thing where you force people to listen to your crappy music?

A: No.

Q: Ok good. So what, you’ll just talk about music you listen to?

A: Probably, yeah.

Q: Well, what else?

A: I might talk about music I don’t listen to. Or things I use to listen to music. Or musical instruments. Or other things that are vaguely music-related.

Q: What makes you special enough that anyone should read your opinions?

A: Uh.

Q: That’s what I thought!

A: Ugh.