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This is another entry in my series where I expand on the artists I mentioned in my Fifteen Albums post.

Dire Straits were, at one point, The Biggest Band in the World. Now yes, that’s an extremely subjective thing to say and is a bit meaningless since there’s really no absolutely 100% accurate metric to measure this by. But they are one of the bands that are acknowledged to have been that.

They only released six albums, but one of these albums was 1985’s Brothers in Arms, which holds the distinction of being the first album where CD sales surpassed vinyl. It’s also the first rock album to be recorded with the CD format in mind – it was recorded completely digitally and the track lengths were not hindered by vinyl’s limited capabilities (in fact, some of the songs were edited down for the vinyl release).

One of the most super-awesome-famous songs in the universe, Money for Nothing, is from this album. Pointless trivia about that song: the, at the time, ground-breaking computer-animation-heavy video for it was the first video played on MTV Europe.

The band, which was enjoying fairly decent success before this album, became a huge success after it.

I can’t really talk about Dire Straits without talking about Mark Knopfler. Which makes sense since he really was the band.

I know I’ve said I don’t really do “fandom”, but if there’s anyone I’m close to being a fan of, it’s Mark Knopfler. The man is a genius, in the same way that Mozart was a genius. If he were born 200 years earlier, I firmly believe that people would still be listening to Wolfgang Amadeus Knopfler.

The problem with being a band as successful as Dire Straits is that you have to play gigantic arenas ans similar venues, and Mark Knopfler didn’t enjoy that very much. HE disbanded the group and continued to record and tour under his own, slightly less recognisable name, and now he plays semi-large theatres rather than arenas.

I have been to several of his concerts locally. Sadly he always plays at this one theatre where if you don’t have the PERFECTLY IN THE MIDDLE seats, the sound just turns into white noise. It’s fairly irritating. Especially since the theatre right across the street seems to be a lot better. But I digress and confuse. But that’s ok because I’m out of material anyway.

Next up on MyDef: Jethro Tull. Ooooooh boy.

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