My First CD

TThe first CD I ever bought, which was Rubber Soul by The Beatles.

This wasn’t the first album I bought. The first album I bought was a cassette! by the time we started switching to CDs I had quite a collection of vinyl albums, too. Well, quite a collection for a 16-year-old at the time – I think I had about 15 of them.

And I sold every single one of them in order to be able to afford that ONE CD.

Which, incidentally, is juuuust above 35 minutes long. I sold 15 albums (at least one of which was a double album) for 35 minutes of music. Luckily, 35 minutes of the best music ever recorded (ok, maybe 33 minutes. I really can’t stand the last track, The Beatles’ Abusive Relationship Songs would be a totally different topic).

It makes more sense when you know that both our record players broke about the same time and my mom decided to just go ahead and get a CD player.

CDs cost a fortune back then (imagine paying $50 for an album!) so it was quite some time until I got another CD. Luckily I really liked this one!

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