13 (and a bit)

Gigi’s 13th birthday was a couple of weeks ago, but it was cloudy and rainy. And I kept forgetting to bring a camera when it was nice. So yesterday I just took a few cellphone pics.

BONUS: Gigi X-Ray Paw. And yeah it’s all good.

Her other paw, well, apparently […]


It’s Gigi’s 12th birthday, and luckily it was a nice enough day to take photos outside. […]


The other night Ling was being really playful in the basement. I’m not sure where Zoe was. Probably harassing K.

Ling is definitely one of those Carrying Things Around kind of cats.

She’s also flexible almost to Lynx levels.

But only almost. That was during furious activity. Lynx used to sleep like […]

Sleepy kittens


Ever since we lost Lynx, Duncan has been… well, to be honest, I don’t think he minds being the only cat in the house at all. In fact he seems to like it a bit too much. He was getting a bit cocky.

So we got a couple of kittens.

It’s not […]

Cat Thing

We have a nice cat tower but it’s a bit huge imposing thing so we have it in the part of the kitchen where the pets get food (Duncan’s food is way on top so he has to work for it).

So I built this thing.

I was calling it a cat activity […]


I didn’t know if I should really write this post. It’s a fairly sad subject, but I don’t really want it to sound depressing, or asking-for-sympathy-ish or anything. I also had a hard time picking a title that doesn’t give it away.

If you were playing a game of Mad Libs, came upon the […]


I got this text on my phone tonight around 8:00pm:

I found this number on a flyer with a dog on it. I honestly thought the dog was taken to the pound and wasn’t willing to pay to get him back. Do you still have the dog?

I would like to note that we found […]


This might seem off topic for a moment, but in October I found a stray cat. That story doesn’t have a happy ending, and wasn’t even a very long one. I did write a long post about it but never published it – the act of writing it was cathartic enough. But it’s relevant to […]