I got some cool pictures of this wasp the other day. It was very cooperative. I still had to get way too close than I wanted to, but hey.

See those three spots on its head that kind of look like eyes? They are! Wasps have those cool compound segmented eyes, but […]

Insects (No Wasps)

A few days ago I found a monarch butterfly caterpillar in my yard. It is the first time I’ve ever found one in my yard (despite years of growing milkweed, and seeing evidence of them). The sad thing is it’s also the first monarch caterpillar I’ve seen this year, at all! Here is a picture […]

Dragonfly on Asparagus

I was taking pictures in my garden (which I’ll post when I get Part 2) when I noticed this guy on an asparagus stalk.

We haven’t picked asparagus this year since we only got one stalk, which has already grown into a mini-tree. The thing is taller than I am now. And I didn’t […]