I’ve decided to retroactively make this Gigi’s 14th birthday picture. I took it about a week before her birthday which ended up being rainy and overcast, as usual.

13 (and a bit)

Gigi’s 13th birthday was a couple of weeks ago, but it was cloudy and rainy. And I kept forgetting to bring a camera when it was nice. So yesterday I just took a few cellphone pics.

BONUS: Gigi X-Ray Paw. And yeah it’s all good.

Her other paw, well, apparently […]


Ran into a snapping turtle at the park, and for once I actually had a camera with me. […]


It’s Gigi’s 12th birthday, and luckily it was a nice enough day to take photos outside. […]


Happy 11th Birthday, Gigi.


Yeah it’s overprocessed.

Jump Cats

Still Snowy

But the temperature is high enough that it’s comfortable to be out and use a real camera.

And by “high” I mean juuust this side of freezing. Gigi thinks this is pretty much the perfect kind of weather.


Happy 10th Birthday, Gigi.

It wasn’t easy getting that shot. It’s usually very easy to get her to look up a tree, but it usually involves me standing by the tree going “What’s up there Gigi???” and I tried to get this so I’m not in the shot.

Gigi was much more interested […]