Palm Wax

I only heard about palm wax a couple of weeks ago. One of the interesting things about it is it’s supposed to make cool patterns when it cools. So once I established that it’s made from eco-friendly palm oil (because that’s just the kind of thrilling person I am), I got some.

I got […]

Candles – Experimental Edition

I’ve been making more and more candles (and giving a lot of them away), and eventually made some experimental ones. Here are a few:

Those are (obviously) much larger pillar candles than the usual votives I make. I get them that way by having a bunch of crushed ice in the container and then […]


I like making candles. First, I like candles. Second, it indulges my crafty/mad-scientist tendencies.

I hadn’t made any candles in a while, but for some reason I decided to make a few last week. I wanted an excuse to make more so I told a friend of mine I’d give her some.

So […]