Howl! No, not the poem.

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Imagine that the year is 1999, and you heard that they were making a live-action Lord of the Rings movie. That’s right, not a terrible animated one […]

Book Review: Mary Poppins (yes really)

Mary Poppins is the whimsical, imaginative story of a manipulative, narcissist sociopath who should never be allowed anywhere near children, but is luckily hired by extremely irresponsible parents. […]


Have you ever read Moby-Dick? most people haven’t, though most people say they’d like to.

But it just looks so long and dammit, we all know it’s about some guy trying to catch a whale.

But I figured I’d try to read it anyway. It became obvious pretty fast that each chapter of […]


This past weekend we got to go to a wedding. Now there’s a whooole long story about how this involved being without internet for a while weekend but THAT pain is still too fresh to talk about. Instead, I’ll talk about the churchy bit.

The ceremony part of the wedding took place in a […]

Book (yes, book) review: A Game of Thrones

Yeah, I’ve been hearing people say Song of Ice and Fire this and Song of Ice and Fire that for years. I’ve been meaning to read the series, and then it got turned into a TV Show That Everyone Thought Was Awesome so I’ve been hearing about that for a while. Plus I have the […]