Yet Another Bird in the Bush

American Bittern

I’ve been seeing these at the park for ages, but they’re always either far away, or hiding, or both. Apparently they’re very secretive birds that like to hide in reeds. When observed, they pretend to be reeds.

Or, if they’re not in reeds at the time, they try and stay still […]


I went to the Rio Botanical Gardens today. It is one of the one place absolutely HAD to go to while I was here.

It was huge, a bit overwhelming and I took hundreds and hundreds of pictures. I’m frankly a bit overwhelmed about what to post, so I’m severely limiting myself, otherwise I’d […]


Here are some photos I took at Ipanema beach. It is on the other side of some rocks from Copacabana.

Here’s the beach:

This is right out of the frame in the other picture. The huge amount of buildings on the mountainside are a neighbourhood called Vidigal, which is basically a slum (known […]

Yard Hawk

I was out in the yard yesterday and I heard this hawk. Ran inside to get the camera. Sadly it was getting dark by then so this is the only picture I got that’s in focus.


Over the last week or so there have been a whole bunch of interesting waterfowl at the park.

Naturally the day there was a bald eagle just STANDING there was the day I didn’t bring the camera. Same with the day the loons were out. But I had it a few other times.



The other day, around 5:30am, Gigi started getting kinda barky.

Now sometimes she gets crazy barky when she hears something outside, but this was soft quiet barks. Might’ve not woken me up had I managed to fall asleep by then. But since I hadn’t, they kept me up.

So around 6:00am I decided […]