Yup, they’re still building that monstrosity right in the park.

Yeah, that’s such an improvement.

But hey, at least the turtles like it.


I got a new kitten. She’s about 9 months old, and her name is Nora.

Finally someone appreciates all the wheatgrass I’ve been growing.

After that she destroyed every plant that wasn’t wheatgrass.

She’s sadly a bit too old to just accept that Duncan is the boss. She tried asserting herself […]

So I’m painting the bedroom.


Ran into a snapping turtle at the park, and for once I actually had a camera with me. […]


I went to the Rio Botanical Gardens today. It is one of the one place absolutely HAD to go to while I was here.

It was huge, a bit overwhelming and I took hundreds and hundreds of pictures. I’m frankly a bit overwhelmed about what to post, so I’m severely limiting myself, otherwise I’d […]


Ok, I’ve been in Brazil for two days now. I haven’t taken a whole ton of pictures – I’ve not really been feeling it, for some reason. But here are a few.

I know, I know, I said I’m not going to take beach pictures. But this is the view of Copacabana beach from […]


The other day, around 5:30am, Gigi started getting kinda barky.

Now sometimes she gets crazy barky when she hears something outside, but this was soft quiet barks. Might’ve not woken me up had I managed to fall asleep by then. But since I hadn’t, they kept me up.

So around 6:00am I decided […]

Some Park Pictures

Here are some pictures I took at the park the other day.

I’m getting to be resigned to the fact that I’ll never get a really good Gigi leaping picture. But this one’s semi-decent.

We also found this robin’s egg. The baby robin had obviously hatched and left already and the egg was on […]