Not only is this the best drawing I’ve ever done, it’s only the only one I ever did using a Wacom tablet. Which means I should probably get a Wacom tablet again (UPDATE: I did. Ages ago. How old is this thing???).


Q: What is this place?
A: This is my general-purpose blog.

Q: You’ve got like 50 blogs, you freak!
A: Hey you’re the one counting them!

Q: Good point. So why do you have so many blogs? Why not combine them all into just one?
A: I dunno. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Q: Would you like to point out the links to all your other blogs on the sidebar?
A: Yes, I would. There are links to my other blogs on the sidebar.

Q: Hey you stopped updating all those other blogs! Did you finally realise having a bazillion blogs was stupid so you just started using this one?
A: Shut up.