Insects (No Wasps)

A few days ago I found a monarch butterfly caterpillar in my yard. It is the first time I’ve ever found one in my yard (despite years of growing milkweed, and seeing evidence of them). The sad thing is it’s also the first monarch caterpillar I’ve seen this year, at all! Here is a picture of it; it’s not a phenomenal picture, but it’s its own fault for destroying that leaf.

While I was out getting pictures of it, I figured I should see if there was anything else interesting out there. I got a picture of this bee on some phlox:

And this fly:

Oh, and a few days before that there was this bug on my basil plant that looked like one of the leaves. Isn’t it cool?

There was also this wasp, but that’s another post. And if you’re reading this in the blog-order, it’ll have been the one before this once I actually post it.

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