You may recall me finding this awesome Cecropia caterpillar last autumn. Well, this winter I found a really huge cocoon on the side of my house. Based on the size I assumed it belonged to one of those caterpillars.

I’ve been checking that thing every day since April hoping I’d catch it when it hatched (or whatever it’s called when they come out of the cocoon).

And today, there it was! Huge friggin Cecropia moth!

I wanted to show scale, and mayyybe I should’ve come up with something more, you know, opaque to hang next to it, but all I could find at short notice were these safety glasses.

I showed the cocoon to the kids next door a few months back, but I wasn’t sure if I showed it to all of them. I saw two of them outside and said “Do you guys remember me showing you a cocoon? The moth that was in it hatched and…” and they just started running to where the cocoon was. I managed to stop them before they started smooshing their way through the ivy, which the cocoon was well hidden behind (I had to hold it back with a big stick to get the pictures. That’s also why I didn’t just hold something up for scale).

The sad(ish) thing is that this moth will only live for two weeks, which I mentioned in the caterpillar entry. Giant silk moths, like the Cecropia, don’t have mouths (or digestive systems). They get two weeks to find that special someone and lay a bunch of eggs.

The whole caterpillar/butterfly thing is a bit crazy, if you ask me.

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