Candles – Experimental Edition

I’ve been making more and more candles (and giving a lot of them away), and eventually made some experimental ones. Here are a few:

Those are (obviously) much larger pillar candles than the usual votives I make. I get them that way by having a bunch of crushed ice in the container and then pouring the wax in when it’s fairly cold (not that it doesn’t get really cold really fast anyway).

The lighter blue one was the second one I made. The other two were the third and fourth, and I decided I may as well use my leftover paraffin wax for them since I was experimenting. I forgot how much paraffin changes shape while cooling – more on that later.

These guys are extremely fragile. Which brings me to this guy:

That’s the first one I made. It was so fragile that I had to pour a second “layer” of wax in there.

Here’s what the tops look like:

As I mentioned above, I forgot how much paraffin deforms. That’s why one of the paraffin ones looks like that – I didn’t have enough to do a second pour.

I can’t decide if I prefer them with a solid top or not. The first one I did, I didn’t think to pour in a base first so it was very tippy-over in addition to being fragile.

And now for a very old candle. I made this one aaages ago:

I made the mold myself out of some plumbing supplies. What I did was pour a big of wax into it every time I made some candles.

It was in the cupboard with all the other candles that got attacked by the mice. And it was not spared… this is what the mice did to it:

I didn’t have the heart to throw it out, so I disinfected the living hell out of it. Still wash my hands after touching it.

It was also in the cupboard upside down, but I guess it doesn’t really matter that much.

I’ve made two other giant candles like that, but they don’t look nearly as cool.

Part of me wonders if that thing would actual burn!

I also learned about palm wax a bit ago, and finally remembered to email my wax suppliers (haha) and ask them if their palm wax is eco-friendly. And it is! I ordered sample-sized packages of four different ones. That should be a lot of fun. Palm wax has all kinds of interesting patterns when it dries. Hopefully it all gets here next week and isn’t horribly delayed by the holiday!

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