I like making candles. First, I like candles. Second, it indulges my crafty/mad-scientist tendencies.

I hadn’t made any candles in a while, but for some reason I decided to make a few last week. I wanted an excuse to make more so I told a friend of mine I’d give her some.

So I made a whole bunch and brought them to her where she works (which is a local health-food grocery store type place). Anyway she and a lot of other people really liked them, and… well, I’ll get into it in a bit but the bottom line is I made a whole bunch:

Those are just the ones I’m giving them. I’m keeping some of each batch for myself, naturally. Well except the orange ones. I usually use essential oils to scent the candles, but the orange ones are a Victoria’s Secret scent that I got as a free sample one time. It’s waaaay girly so I’m giving all of those away.

Anyway, those are the regular candles. Here are some Special Editions:

The pink ones in the back are why I really ended up making a bunch. When I told my friend I was going to make more and that I usually use essential oils, she said she got a free sample of rose essential oil. And she didn’t know what to do with it. So I said hey. I can put them in candles.

So I made a really, really small batch of rose candles. There are actually five of them (I get to keep one and one more kinda unbalanced the photo). Anyway, see those two on the left? I had a teeny bit of rose left so I tried to make one that looked like a flower. It… didn’t turn out that well, so I tried it again with those other two. I don’t think they look like flowers but it’s still cool. The stripy one is basically me dumping the leftover wax in a container after each batch. And the diagonal one, well, always wanted to try that.

Anyway, my problem is I’m not sure how the hell to transport them without having them break. Too bad I recycled all the boxes I had last week…

Oh, that reminds me. I used to keep one single candle from every batch I made. For years. So I had a box with lots and lots of candles I made over the past decade or so.

I tried to find an interesting one for my friend… only to find that mice had been eating them. Yup. Mice. Ate. My. Candles. And the vast majority of those were from before I switched to soy wax! I had to throw the whole box out…

2 comments to Candles

  • Murun

    When I was young I made candles once, heated up wax in a saucepan etc… then later that night made dinner in the same pan. I’ve never forgotten that taste. I won’t be joining the mice in a hurry to feast on candlewax.

    • sterlingphoenix

      Hah, ewww. Although I have to say I’ve proooobably tasted candles long before I even tried making them.

      Then again I’ve switched to soy wax now so at least it’s, you know. Edible in theory?…

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