Hey look what I found.

Yes, another random dog showed up on my doorstep. But unlike the previous one, this guy had a collar with a tag on it. So I know his name is Harrison.

His tag also had a phone number which I called a bunch of times but they didn’t answer. It also had an address which was fairly close to my house but across the main road so I didn’t want him to wander around. I let him hang around in the house while I put on warmer clothes so I could walk him over there and he seemed fine. Which is good since there was nobody at his house so I brought him back.

He seemed really happy and mellow. That is, until he saw Duncan. Poor guy never stood a chance. Duncan harassed him for hours.

I took him to the dog park with us because I didn’t want to leave him here alone. Kept him on a leash, of course. He did really well! On the way back I swung by his house (even though I never got a call back) and there were a couple of cars in the driveway so I stopped off and dropped him off. They said thanks but kinda seemed like they wanted me to get out of there. I think they thought I’d just found him right then. Eh.

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