Efficiency Maine Registered Vendor Agreement Form

5. The applicant understands that there will be inspections and audits of the partner`s work in accordance with the guidelines and procedures of the Efficiency Maine program. The applicant must cooperate with these inspections and verifications and continue to work at an acceptable level. 4. The plaintiff will release Efficiency Maine from all claims of any kind, reimburse, maintain and defend without damages, including, but not limited to, all costs and fees of engineers, architects, attorneys and other professionals, as well as all legal, arbitration or arbitration costs arising or not from any act or omission of the plaintiff, its personnel, representatives or subcontractors of a stage or other legal or legal person for which the applicant is responsible, in the provision or non-performance of services as a partner of Efficiency Maine. the implementation of an agreement with Efficiency Maine in which the applicant(s) confirm that they represent Efficiency Maine to their customers in accordance with Efficiency Maine`s guidelines and procedures and that they are subject to all quality control inspections required by Efficiency Maine or its Contractor 3. Efficiency Maine provides the applicant with additional information and training for each Efficien Maine program, for which the applicant has been accredited are required. After reviewing and accepting your completed application, you will receive by e-mail links to the desired training webinars as well as copies of the presentations, proof of Completion and Certificate of Insurance Request. Make the application form for insurance certificates available to your insurer. .

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