Client Consultant Model Services Agreement Pdf

The working group found that in some civil jurisdictions the consultant was held liable for defective services – in some jurisdictions there was relief for matters that were not under the control of the adviser, while in others there was no facility available. The Working Group recognized that, in a limited number of countries, the provision of insurance to cover non-debt liability is an obligation in the insurance market, but this approach is not generalized and cannot be considered as a consideration of international position. The Working Group and FIDIC CC therefore found that the appropriate standard of care to be imposed on a consultant was that which could be expected of an experienced consultant. In order to include other matters in an appointment contract, consistency should be ensured both in the use of terminology and in the assignment of tasks and obligations. The parties may have recourse to independent legal advice in connection with the preparation of this contract. Independent legal advice can also help the parties understand their legal obligations, obligations and obligations under the standard contract for services. In assessing a fair balance of risk between the client and the consultant, the working group took into account the position in which the services were provided incorrectly or insufficiently for reasons beyond the consultant`s control or knowledge. 1 Level of Service 2 Staff, equipment, facilities and services provided by the client 3 Remuneration and payment 4 Schedule of services FIDIC also thanks Charles Nairac, White and Case, Paris, for conducting a thorough legal review of the draft final document and Margaret Walker, MWCAM Ltd, for her editorial services. The terms of reference for updating the White Paper prepared by fidic CC required the working group to take into account, among other issues, the issue of the duty of care of the skilled person vis-à-vis the client for the services provided. In particular, the Task Group has taken into account current practice worldwide in the design of consulting contracts The terms of the Client Consultant Model Services Agreement (The White Book) were developed by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) and are recommended for general use for pre-investment and feasibility studies.

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