Black Horse Finance Forgot Agreement Number

And what`s even more troubling is that the amount of “future repayments” of £6118.12 has already taken into account the interest on the deal, but for one reason or another, Moneybarn adds more interest on the initial interest, so these “future repayments” total £9999.08, so they added interest twice to a payment that should no longer exist? I am extremely disappointed with the level of service I received, which had a negative impact on my creditworthiness. During the lockdown, I spoke to an employee who agreed that I would have paid leave because I was unable to work and therefore had no income. So I believed in good faith that that was the case. What followed was that on three different occasions, I received letters stating that I had missed payments and that I had fallen behind. I had to contact the company several times to indicate that a payment holiday had been agreed and I did not find it useful in their response. Now I have discovered that my creditworthiness has gone from good to bad due to its error as a direct result. I never missed the payments and had built a good valuation with the intention of getting a mortgage that I now have to start again. They showed little care or consideration for what happened, and it shows for me how much care they have for loyal customers – not much at all. I will not use Black Horse Finance in the future and would not recommend anyone to consider doing business for them. The issue of “due diligence” is still controversial. However, any dispute should be between you and the financial company and no one else. Hello, Ben. You may have the right to terminate the contract voluntarily or not.

Your financing contract should explain all the VT fees and the amount you have to pay to do so. Check the text carefully. There is no definitive precedent for excess kilometers under VT, as financial companies do not want to take these issues to court, as the legal arguments in favor of claiming excess kilometers are weak (their contract cannot repeal the law). The financial company works on the basis that you will cede and pay.. . .

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