Agreement Between Heirs As To Division Of Estate

In the case of the division of expensive or valuable property and property benefits whose property rights must be registered, the written agreement must be certified by a notary for the contract to be legitimized. In the case of testamentary inheritance, the share of the inheritance is often distributed. For example, if there are mandatory actions of recipients in addition to the heirs listed in the will, you may need a partition. If there are two heirs and we are talking about sharing a house with the land. ‪In view of the aforementioned, on December 12, 2010, the taxation authorities published the Land Taxation Execution Directive No. 7/2010 that deals with – the division of land estates included in legacies among heirs (“The Execution Directive”). If there are conditions under which it is possible to conclude an agreement for the division of the estate, one of the first steps is to familiarize yourself with the model document. Eine Mustervereinbarung zur Aufteilung des Erbguts kann hier heruntergeladen werden. ‪Regarding the balance payments paid from the cash proceeds from the sale of the asset from the second group, it was determined that, as long as the proceeds had not been divided and had been deposited in the estate manager`s trust account and the asset sold remained under the joint ownership of the heirs – the balance from the proceeds of this asset can be perceived as a balance from the estate money. ‪It was decided that, subject to the directives in the law and the order on the dissolution event, the land estates can be perceived as estate assets that were received as an inheritance and the dissolution proceedings and assignment of the assets to the heirs can be perceived as an initial division, subject to the provisions of Section 5 c(4) of the law.

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