Yes Communities Lease Agreement

Welcome, we hope you will choose us as your next place to call home. With more than two hundred affordable housing units in 18 states, we offer housing for those who own or wish to rent their nearest home. Our communities offer activities and events planned throughout the year. We also offer facilities such as swimming pools, playgrounds, activity centers, dog parks, clubs and much more! Connect with your community and your neighbours today! We know that your pets are part of your family and we welcome them to our communities. Pets enjoy our dog parks and come down to make contacts and play. Please contact your community for details and if you offer a dog park in your community. The name yes is the basis of our culture; one that must be positive in all aspects of our business. We are committed to investing in our people by providing welcoming and welcoming neighbourhoods to create together communities that we call the homeland. Yes! Communities are proud to provide affordable community life for families of all backgrounds and lifestyles. Yes! follows all equal opportunity guidelines and is proud of the diversity of their communities. Yes! Communities provide community guidance on life in all municipalities and residents in the same way; these guidelines must be agreed upon by each resident before entering a community. Yes! Community guidelines cover goods such as vehicles that are parked only in designated car parks, late charges and other consequences on late payment and the occupant`s responsibility to cover ALL legal costs, as well as several other items. That means yes! Municipalities operate 181 municipalities in 17 states with more than 46,000 sites, and we encourage all residents to contact our home helpline at the [email protected] address if they see that the guidelines are being violated by other residents.

Yes! Municipalities take substantive exams during the application process and only successful individuals are allowed to live in a YES! community. Yes! Municipalities have been voted the owner and operator of the Year for the Manufactured Housing Institute for four consecutive years, and we are proud of this honour and we will continue to improve and provide excellent service to our residents. If a resident is concerned that they feel that their municipal office is not being treated properly, we advise you to contact the Home Office under [email protected] and you will receive a quick response to find a solution as soon as possible.

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